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:: Oral Tradition Archive
The institute's research interests were directed towards the expatriated from the beginning. For a number of years (1930 – 1975) field research was conducted in refugee settlements in the region of Attica and beyond. The oral accounts of 5,000 refugees from all parts of Asia Minor were collected, 1,375 settlements were investigated and more than 100 researchers have been employed in this endeavour. The testimonies constitute the Oral Tradition Archive, which is made up of 300,000  handwritten pages.

This material provides valuable information on the peaceful pre-disaster period describing the complete life cycle of the Greek populations of Asia Minor in their homelands. It also covers in detail the dramatic events of the 1919-1922 Greek-Turkish war, the traumatic exodus of the Greek Orthodox population from Asia Minor as well as the period of their settlement in Greece after the "Catastrophe".

The resource has been classified by province (Aeolis, Ionia, Caria, Lycia, Pamphylia, Cilicia, Pisidia, Phrygia, Galatia, Lycaonia, Cappadocia, Paphlagonia, Pontus, Bithynia, Lydia, Mysia, Eastern Trace, Countries of Tigris and Euphrates, and Caucasus). This classification system makes it possible to study the Asia Minor settlements within the framework of the broader geographical and social units to which they belong. Asia Minor has been divided in 20 provinces and around 120 districts. Although the setting of the boundaries of these regions has been based on empirical criteria set in the 1930s, it was deemed important to associate them with the roman division system of Asia Minor while using the ancient Greek names. Research for each settlement, originally conceived on folklore principles, covers a wide range of subjects including: language, geography, economy, social and religious life, education, local history.

The Oral Traditional Archive is composed of material from the following settlement (in alphabetical order): excel



This project is financed 75% by the European Regional Development Fund and 25% from National Resources. The entire Act was included in the Operational Programme "Information Society" of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

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