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:: Manuscripts Archive
The refugees' manuscript works are considered today part of oral history. The majority of the manuscripts were written after 1922 by refugees in the resettlement places, prompted by the CAMS researchers.

The archive continues to be enriched: since the 1970s, the refugees themselves and their descendants donate manuscripts to the Centre.


Today the archive contains 504 manuscripts from all parts of Asia Minor (all classified by the geographical system employed for the Oral Tradition Archive). Among them we find 40 manuscripts dating before 1922, some of which were written in the 19th century by Asia Minor scholars and local historians. For a list of these manuscripts, see Ioanna Petropoulou (1980) "Manuscripts before 1922 at the Centre for Asia Minor Studies" (Centre for Asia Minor Bulletin, 1980, 2nd volume).


A subset of the manuscripts has been digitized and is accessible online.



This project is financed 75% by the European Regional Development Fund and 25% from National Resources. The entire Act was included in the Operational Programme "Information Society" of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

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